Samsung UN46EH6000 46-Inch 1080p 240 CMR LED HDTV

Size Name:55-Inch
Yes some people will say that this TV is not loaded with features, like all the streaming internet blah-de-blah-blah-blah. But if you have that in your Blu-ray player, you don’t need it in your TV as well. And some of us don’t care about watching streaming movies over the net, some of us don’t have good enough broadband connections where we live to support that anyway. And some of us BUY blu-ray movies that we like. So enough about internet bloody apps.

The biggest complaint about this set offered by some is the fact that it only has 2 HDMI ports. And that could be a problem for some. But if you control all of your gear (like I do) through your A/V receiver, you only need ONE HDMI going into the TV anyway. If you’ve got to plug all of your high-def gear right into the TV, and you’ve got more than 2 HDMI devices, this TV is not for you, find another. So enough about only 2 HDMI ports.

The picture quality of this TV is AMAZING. The total evenness of the backlight, especially during a pitch black scene, or when the background is totally black, is amazing. Total blackness with no uneven lighting at all…ANYWHERE on the screen, even edges and corners. I haven’t seen a TV that can compare to this one in that respect.

The set has MANY full manual picture controls and tweaks, and some advanced ones, or three pre-programed modes that you can still tweak. You don’t have to settle for what the TV maker says is good, although Samsung’s modes are pretty darn good, right out of the box. The “dynamic” mode is a little contrasty for my taste though. But still, it’s easily modified.

The front bezel on this TV is about as thin as they get on LCD/LED TVs. Some would say that this TV is a tad on the thick side depth-wise, considering it’s an LED TV, but it’s still pretty thin, compared to my 3 year old Sony 52″ LCD, which was a tank.

The sound is about the same as other thin LCD/LED TVs. You can’t get huge speakers to fit into these things, let’s face it. Thin with a small bezel means thin, small speakers. If you’re listening through a surround sound system (as I and anyone with a “home theater system” do) it’s not an issue.

The remote control is a bit small, but its backlit buttons can light up in the dark, which is a plus.

I just bought this TV in a bricks and mortar store for $1199, which I think is a steal. Two weeks ago I bought an LG 55″ LCD and it’s going back to the store today. This Samsung totally blows the LG away…the backlighting on the LG was so bad and uneven I couldn’t stand it. It was really noticible how bad it was during dark scenes in movies like the second “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie, any of the “Batman” movies or “Aliens” those movies are chock full of very dark scenes. The LG couldn’t handle them, but the Samsung does them proud…inky rich blacks that still have some detail in them.

Someplace online I read in someone’s comments that this TV doesn’t do 24hz film mode. It most certainly does….set your Blu-ray player to that mode and then press the “info” button on this Samsung TV’s remote and it will display that info on the screen. 24 bloody hz. So don’t believe everything that people say in reviews. (except for mine lol)

If you want a REALLY decent TV that doesn’t have to wake you up, make you breakfast, Twitter and Facebook for you, do your laundry and surf the net for you, this is it.

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